Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Most of the time we as residents enjoy a stable, safe and quite environment in the City of Weston Lakes.  Unforturnately because life is not always kind our routine is disrupted on occasion.  Fire, hurricane, flood, tornado, hazardous spills, public health threats, road accidents, or even acts of vandalism or terrorism all can have a devastating affect on our every day lives.  The emergency preparedness function of the city seeks to mitigate, to prepare and plan, to protect, to respond, and to recover from any disaster that impacts the City.  Most events cannot be forecasted with great accuracy; therefore individual family preparedness must go hand in hand with government preparedness, organization, planning and action.  Everyone should make a check list and plans for what the need or what they will do in the event of potential emergency situations.  If medically in need please identify yourself to the City and the County so that no emergency will negatively impact your health.  Family preparedness is essential as a starting point.  It is the hope that this web page will provide you with some tips.  If there are any question please call the Weston Lakes City Offices at (281) 533-0907, Mondays and Wednesday.


Family Preparedness Guide

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